​​​​​First of all let’s just be clear I LOVE OIL; beautiful almond oil, rich nourishing jojoba oil, the light silkiness of a really good grapeseed oil, the magical properties of coconut oil….I could go on!
BUT…what if there was something that did the job of a great massage oil, but didn’t spill all over the floor if you knocked it over? Something that meant you didn’t have to keep going back to the bottle time and time again, interrupting the flow of your treatment? And something that gave you that all important grip when you are doing detailed trigger point work or reflexology?

Well, there is! Massage wax is a fantastic alternative to traditional massage oil. As it is made out of a combination of wax and oil and a few other ingredients, we can produce what is essentially a solid oil!

You don’t have to be a therapist or a massage client to enjoy these beautiful products. Vegan Wax Co wax makes a perfect all-over body balm or butter that you can use in place of your usual body moisturiser. It’s great on cracked heels, fabulous on dry elbows or flaky patches of skin, and gives a perfect treat to tired, achy feet.


Vegan Wax Co pots on lady's back - black & whiteHOW TO USE MY WAX

Use it exactly like your old massage oil… but less.
No, less.
Really, I mean it… you need much less than when you massage with oil (I like to put a little blob on my arm so that I easily reach it when I need it!) You can also use a spatula (you’ll receive one with your order) to prevent cross-contamination – no double-dipping here!

Keep your wax nice and cool.
If the wax gets too hot it may melt and separate. If this happens it is still perfectly usable, but you may prefer to get it to it’s original state. To do this you should empty the wax into a container (not the tin) and either microwave it or put it in a bain-marie until it becomes completely liquid. Give it a stir and then pop it back in the tin to cool, it should return to solid wax once completely cold.
Sometimes the wax may feel rather grainy. Don’t worry if this is the case, it is a feature of the natural wax we use. It will soon return to it’s lovely smooth texture once you start using it.