Like lots of people we have become really concerned about the unscrupulous use of animal products in just about everything and we became aware of a need for a massage wax with no animal content, so, no beeswax. 

We believe that only the highest quality natural ingredients are good enough for our beautiful clients so we use organic refined Shea Butter, organic Sunflower oil and organic vegetable glycerine along with organic Essential oils 


All natural, all good, all kind. 

We have deliberately chosen ingredients with low rates of allergic reactions. Shea butter is from a nut, but has a different protein to most nuts and we have found no incidences of allergic reaction. However if you are sensitive or unsure of your potential reaction then please seek medical advice before using.
​All our products are made in an environment where nuts are present
  1. Organic Sunflower Oil & Organic Refined Shea Butter & Candelilla wax
    Organic Sunflower Oil & Organic Refined Shea Butter & Candelilla wax
    Our base product (our 'Naked' wax) is made from sunflower oil, Shea butter and Candelilla wax, a desert shrub which grows in Mexico and the South Western USA
  2. Ginger Essential Oil
    Ginger Essential Oil
    Ginger is well-known for its warming properties, it has been known to ease aches and pains and it features in our 'Ease' Vegan Massage Wax
  3. Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile oils, we have chosen it for our 'Balance' Vegan Massage Wax to aid relaxation and promote a feeling of well-being
  4. Geranium Essential Oil
    Geranium Essential Oil
    A popular fragrance renowned for it's balancing and relaxing properties. Included in our 'Balance' Vegan Massage Wax.
  5. Cedarwood Essential Oil
    Cedarwood Essential Oil
    A woody scent used to help sedate, relax and heal. It is included win our 'Rise' Vegan Massage Wax
  6. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
    A strong floral scent used to enhance your sense of relaxation and wellbeing. It is used in our 'Balance' Vegan Massage Wax
  7. Rosemary Essential Oil
    Rosemary Essential Oil
    Rosemary has been used for centuries for its uplifting and focusing properties. It is in our 'Rise' Vegan Massage Wax
  8. Black Pepper Essential Oil
    Black Pepper Essential Oil
    Black Pepper has a warming and comforting aroma, used to promote healing and relieve pain. We use it in our 'Ease' Vegan Massage Wax.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree is used for it's cleansing properties, it is in our 'Ease' Vegan Massage Wax

Juniper Essential Oil

Juniper has been used for it's health promoting properties and it's potential to ease emotional and mental stress. We use it in our 'Rise' Vegan Massage Wax.