Hi! My name is Susie and I am a clinical massage therapist. I have developed a Vegan Massage Wax to fulfill the needs of therapists and clients who do not wish to use any animal products.

You can check out my massage website at http://www.thebodyorganic.co.uk

I make all the wax myself in small batches in beautiful South Wales.

Traditionally massage wax uses beeswax to harden oil and help with absorbtion of the product but we use a plant wax, cutting out the need for beeswax.

We also use beautiful organic Shea Butter, Organic Sunflower oil and a range of Organic Essential Oils to scent the wax.

You can purchase wax on this site, you can phone in your order on 07375 558151
or you can email [email protected]

Some other stuff you may want to know...

ALL the waxes are tested on therapists and clients...no animals involved.

The waxes are sold in 100g and 200g tins, these are re-usable and recyclable. We chose tins rather than plastic as we couldn't guarantee that there was no animal content in the plastic and we are all keen to use as little plastic as possible these days, plus the tins are really cute, you can keep all sorts of things in them....